Thomas Streimelweger


  • Entrepreneurial leader and creator of strong corporate culture, salesman, holistic view on risk/reward ratios, completion of over 30 M&A transactions, attraction of financial- and strategic investors
  • Leader in IPO process for S&T (EASDAQ), experience on multiple executive and supervisory boards, audit and compensation & benefits committees
  • Launch and operation of a hedge fund
  • Comprehensive knowledge of IT-services market, business models and investment concepts

Entrepreneurial Career

2000 – 2014 data AG
Founder, Chairman, CEO and major shareholder is an operative holding company that acquires companies, operates and invests in businesses that are highly scalable and offer an above average growth potential. Originally was founded as a joint venture of Mr. Streimelweger and Siemens AG, which held a stake of 26%, with focus on investments into internet companies in East- and Central Europe. Streimelweger later took control of the Siemens stake and developed the company with a more global perspective.

1987 – 2011 S&T System Integration & Technology Distribution AG
Founder, CEO, Chairman and controlling shareholder
S&T is a leading IT services company with focus on Central and Eastern Europe. Peak
performance in 2007: Revenues: EUR 512 mln., EBIT: EUR 13 mln., 3.200 employees,
subsidiaries in 20 countries. 1998: IPO on EASDAQ. Since 2004 S&T is listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange. Stake divested in 2011.

1994 – 2001 Hygiene Holding GmbH
Founder, CEO and controlling shareholder
Hygiene Holding was an exclusive distributor for CWS/Boco of hygiene/washroom products, rental and related laundry services in six East European markets. Business sold to CWS in 2001.

2004 – 2008 data & research holding GmbH
Founder, Co-CEO and controlling shareholder
Launched a statistical arbitrage hedge fund in Cayman. Operated from July 2007 to July 2008. Liquidated prior to Lehman crisis.

2006 – 2007 ST Global Holding AG
Founder, CEO and major shareholder
Acquired and divested operations of T-Systems in Denmark and Sweden.

Work Experience

1985 – 1987 Hewlett Packard
1984 – 1985 Mannesmann G.L. Rexroth
1983 – 1984 AWT/Creditanstalt


Graduate of Business Administration from Vienna University of Economics and Business
Degree in Electrical Engineering.


E-mail :
Mobile: + 43 664 3402678
Address: Graben 14, A-1010 Vienna, Austria